Certified Industrial Hygienist

.        Comprehensive Practice

.        Indoor Environmental Quality Sub-Specialty

Air Quality Testing

.        Chemical Agents

.        Biological Agents

.        Physical Agents (e.g. Noise, Radiation, Light)


Indoor Environmental Quality

.        Sick Building Assessment

.        Indoor Air Quality

.        Mold & Moisture Assessment

.        Texas Licensed Mold Assessment Consultants

.        Infrared Thermography

Industrial Hygiene Services

.        Ventilation Assessment/Design

.        Workplace Exposure Assessment

.        Toxicological Reviews

Expert Testimony

Global Services



OECI performs comprehensive Industrial Hygiene consultation and assessment activities for biological, chemical, and physical agents. Biological assessments often include the evaluation of airborne concentrations of mold/fungi, as well as bacterial agents, along with a determination of the significance of exposure to those agents. Chemical exposure assessments are typically performed for agents that are associated with traditional industrial/institutional processes and procedures, potential exposures resulting from the emanations of building materials, application of pesticides, as well as those exposures associated with a spill, leak or other chemical event. Surveys for exposures to noise are also often conducted in industrial, residential, and other environmental settings. Industrial Hygiene surveys are commonly conducted in industrial/manufacturing environments where concerns exist for the exposure of employees to potentially toxic or otherwise harmful chemical, physical, or biological agents. Indoor Environmental Quality assessments are often conducted in office, institutional, and residential environments where industrial exposure limits are typically not applicable, and exposure manifestations may be sub-clinical, or not readily recognized by traditional evaluation methodologies.

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